Become Affiliate

MinersDeals has one of the best affiliate program in the market. We Have created a Coupon based affiliate Program, This is how it works:

  • You Sign Up and we Provide you with a coupon Code ( Each Affiliate has a unique Coupon Code)
  • You Share the coupon code to potential customers. They get 2% discount when they make a purchase.
  • Each Time your Coupon Code is used, You earn 3%. So on a $8000 Antminer you make $240
  • You can track your earnings from The  affiliate panel. Our main Payment method is Paypal. But we can pay you using any other method convenient to you.

How To Advertise Our Miners    

  • Add our banner ads to the header or sidebar of your website using our Banner Generator.
  • Print out one of our Flyers advertisement and distribute to Potential Customers using our Flyer Generator
  • Share the Miners and coupon code on your social media pages .
  • Contact businesses that might be interested in buying the Miners in bulk and earn a big commission.

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